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The Butora Rubicon climbing shoe boasts an innovative design engineered for precision and performance on challenging routes, providing climbers with optimal support and sensitivity. Its durable construction and sticky rubber outsole make it a reliable choice for climbers seeking both comfort and grip in their ascents.

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Discover the pinnacle of climbing performance with Butora climbing shoes, expertly crafted for unparalleled grip and precision. Elevate your climbing experience with Butora's innovative designs, engineered for comfort and durability, perfect for conquering any ascent.



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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products

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Who is Butora?

At Butora, climbing isn't just a passion—it's their singular focus. They specialize solely in crafting premium climbing shoes, dedicated to helping you reach new heights at your favorite climbing destinations. Trust Butora to provide the footwear you need for your climbing journey, so you can concentrate solely on scaling those cliffs.

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