Midnight Lightening Super Fine Powder

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This ultra pure (99% magnesium carbonate) high performance chalk may just be the most eco friendly chalk on the planet! This powder chalk is made from the mineral contents of seawater. No destructive mining here! This chalk is a byproduct of the salt industry and is produced using natural processes such as solar evaporation. This, combined with our plant-based 🌱 packaging (which is also fully recyclable! ♻️) leads to a lower energy and environmental footprint vs. other chalks.


  • Pure magnesium carbonate without any fillers or drying agents
  • Sourced as a byproduct of the salt industry, rather than mined
  • Plant-based packaging is fully recyclable
  • highest purity magnesium carbonate (~99%)
  • rosin free
  • no fillers
  • plant based packaging
  • non-mined
  • super grippy!

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