USED Edgie Wedgie The Original Kids Ski Teaching Tip Connector, Orange

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Product Description:

Slope Ropes: Superior to a ski harness - no complicated clips, clasps or straps to put on and take off. Handle at waist allows adult to control speed and direction while encouraging proper posture. Child carries their own weight - skiing for themselves and learning balance. Dual rope and handle design allows adult to guide turns, even one-handed! Fun experience for all with adult and child actually skiing together!

Product Features:

  • Edgie Wedgie: Connects ski tips together and aids the beginning skier in maintaining balance and control in a wedge position.
  • The Edgie Wedgie also helps prevent falls by eliminating the spreading or crossing of the ski tips and will help speed their learning process while providing a more enjoyable introduction to skiing.
  • Dual rope and handle design allows adult to guide turns, even one-handed
  • Instant Control
  • Preschool to Adult
  • Simply Easy to Ski

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