USED Continental Ultra Gatorskin Bicycle Tire (700x25, Folding, Black)

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The Continental Gatorskin is the ultimate training & racing tire where puncture protection is a priority. Using the latest proprietary technology against flats the Gatorskin range uses PolyX Breaker and DuraSkin sidewall protection.

The Gatorskin tire is made for the long haul. Backed by PolyX Breaker, a tried and true puncture protections system and the DuraSkin anti-cut fabric turn the Gatorskin into a true long distance runner.



  • The Gatorskin, manufactured with a durable carbon black
  • The polyester fibers overlap during manufacturing, yielding a very dense fabric and minimal
  • Resistant polyester woven fiber
  • Puncture resistant Kevlar belt to reduce chance of flats.
  • Duraskin fabric & Kevlar to boot

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