Slingshot SlingWing V4

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The Sling Wing V4 is the ultimate choice for riders looking for a wing to help them take their skills to the next level. Riders seeking increased control and effortless tacking with a compact wingspan for on-the-water transition or spinning on jumps. The upward lift on the nose handle provides enhanced drifting capabilities while flagging out while swell riding. Sling wing V4 is here and has received a lot of updates. This wing is suitable for you who want to take your riding to a higher level. If you are looking for control and something that is easy to handle thanks to its compact wingspan, this wing is something extra whether you are going to put your first tacks or spins in jumps. The front grip on the handle will make the wing more manageable when riding waves and flagging out.


  • Balance, power, stability, and ease of use are the hallmark traits of the Sling Wing V4’s all-new high-tension canopy design.
  • This revolutionary design enhances all elements of our flagship wing.
  • Refinements in new materials, leading-edge design, and our high-tension canopy profile make the Sling Wing V4 more balanced and easier to fly.
  • This wing excels across all performance metrics no matter how or where you use it.
  • True Tension Airframe Design
  • Frame lite Construction
  • Rigid H-Grid Canopy Construction
  • Versastrut
  • Slinggrip Aluminum Handles
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