Selle Royal Gel Classic Journey Bicycle Saddle w/ Water Resistant Protection, Black

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Seller Royal Classic journey gel relaxed saddle is padded with Royal Gel to give extra comfort. Royal gel is an exclusive polyurethane gel delivering a superior level of comfort through the reduction of peak pressures in the delicate areas by up to 40 percent, and better distributing weight over the saddle surface. The relaxed design of the saddle focuses Royal Gel padding in the rear of the saddle to provide more Relief where the sit bones and weight of the rider is located. You'll also love the springs on the back that soak up the bumps. The journey saddle is equipped with Royal vacuum light (RVL), making the saddle more comfortable Thanks to the use of a high quality polyurethane foam that is 100 percent sealed and up to 20 percent lighter than other saddles of the same category. 


Product Features:

EXPERIENCE THE ROYALGEL REVOLUTION- Royal Gel guarantees the highest level of comfort.

Reducing pressure peaks by up to 40% thanks to its unique tridimensional gel structure. Its revolutionary non-toxic gel formulation is guaranteed not to harden, age or migrate over time.

This means the ultimate comfort for you which allows you to focus on your ride and more

Importantly, enjoy every moment that you’re on your bike, even if the path gets bumpy.


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